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Novembre 2019 – Février 2020

Théâtre : sortie de résidence et présentations en public du travail de recherche en mise en scène avec le collectif Feuille Déchirée. Trois grand-mères d’Algérie, de Hongrie et de Belgique sont le prétexte à découvrir trois générations d’immigrées d’aujourd’hui.

Découvrir le travail :

Juillet-octobre 2019

Cinéma : départ pour trois mois de tournée du „Cinéma qui roule“ : projections de court-métrages réalisés par des cinéastes autochtones produit par Wapikoni. Notre caravane fait escale dans les communautés des Premières Nations d’Ontario, du Manitoba et du Québec.

Découvrez les films en ligne :

Mars-Avril 2019

Theater : tour of „Soeurs d’Armes“, a musical performance and theatre piece based on my own teenage experience. Produced by Le Fil Rouge Théâtre, touring in various french cities and for the first time in Montréal at the RTA Festival.


Fevrier 2019

2# podcast : release of „J’aime le théâtre documentaire“, second episode of podcasts about documentary theater. Based on the play „L’Assemblée“ from Porte Parole, with Alex Ivanovici, Brett Watson, Rana Alrabi… and the audience.

Happy listening:

November 2018

1# podcast : release of „J’aime le théâtre documentaire“, first episode of podcasts about documentary theater. Mostly based on plays from Porte Parole, sonic encounters and reflexions of the everyday life in Montréal. With Annabel Soutar and Ginette Noiseux.

Happy listening:

September 2018 – April 2019

Autumn at the theater : very excited to join the team of Porte Parole, one of the most popular and singular documentary theater compagnie in Canada. I will create a series of podcasts about their theater plays at l’Espace Go in Montréal.

Stay tuned on

Premiere / Release of the first podcast : November 2018 !

13-21 June 2018 & 3-13 April 2019

Dance dance dance : this spring I was pleased to join the collective Castel Blast for a short residency at the Théâtre Aux Ecuries in Montréal. New dance-theater project is coming! Now the rehearsals begins soon… tickets are already on sell !

Have a look:

Premiere of the show „Nos Corps“ : 3-13 April 2019

December 2017 and 12-23 February 2018

Winter writing residency: I’ve join the filmmaker’s residency program in order to write a new documentary projet. Well situated in two isolated villages in Lorraine and Alsace, with the valuable assistance of the nearest forest.

Host and organiser : De l’écriture à l’image & l‘Agence Culturelle d’Alsace.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 7 pm

Last Netzdoku’s Session (for me) : Beyond specific genres, we’ll talk about the implications of open web technologies for journalists and documentary storytellers. Guests are Grit Schuster – Freelancer in the fields of interactive media, game design on stages (such as “Rimini Protokoll”) & Matthew Shotton – Research Engineer in the User Experience & Accessibility team at BBC.

Have a look online at :

Release : 15 July 2017

Catalogue release: about my latest art residency in Alma, Québec (Canada). 20 pages of texts and photos edited in coordination with FRAC AlsaceLangage Plus and CEAAC.

How to find it? Here.

30 June – 12 July 2017

Magazine release and exhibition: „Nach der Flut“/„After the Flood“/ „Après le déluge“ is a collaboration with visual artist Edith Carron. We created a colorful story based on darkest events happening about immigrant’s asylum in Paris. As two French citizens living in Berlin, we are daily confronted to the huge contrast between how both European capitals care and act about refugees.

Release in SPRING Magazine (#14 Yo Future!) and exhibition at GUDBERG NERGER gallery in Hamburg from the 30. of June to the 12. of July.

March 2017

Performance „Forêt, intérieur, jour“: is a new piece about some forest experiences including wild animals and their observers in my native region. Retold in a both personal and documentary approach, the performance takes place on Sunday the 19. of April in the gallery of FRAC (Sélestat, France) and is part of the Contemporary Art weekend. Starts at 4.30 pm sharp. More infos here.

3-4 March 2017 –
27 & 29 March 2017

Theater piece „Soeurs d’Armes“ : is playing in Strasbourg the 3. and 4. Then at the Festival Petits et Grands in Nantes/Rezé at the 27. – 29.4.

All infos and details here.

28 February 2017 –
11 & 14 March 2017

TV Documentaries „OH EUROPE!“ : the story of Europe in a ten-part series for ARTE and a six-part series for ZDF. I had the opportunity to co-write two episodes (45“) of the series produced by Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion, directed by Christel Fomm and Martin Carazo-Mendez.

Watch the first part on Saturday 11. March at 20:15 & the second part on Tuesday 14. March at 20:15 on ARTE Chanel (and Mediatek).

Press pemiere in Berlin on Tuesday, the 28 of February, 7 pm, at the Maison de France.

11 February – 28 May 2017

Exhibition „PANACHE“ in Sélestat (France) : „Regards d’artistes Français sur le Québec“ is a collective exhibition of 22 french artists presenting various looks from the Saguenay/Lac Saint Jean region (Québec). A journey through the coldness of winter, the wildness of landscape, the warm hearted folks and the many legends and stories of this north’s culture. From my part, i’ll present a selection of three works : „Almaciens, Alsaciennes“ (citizen of Alma, citizen of Alsace) „Accent chantant“ (sing-song accent) and „Fausse piste“ (wrong track).

Vernissage of the exhibition „PANACHE“ on Saturday, the 18 of February, 11 am, at the Art Center FRAC : 1 Route de Marckolsheim, 67600 Sélestat, France.

21 November – 15 December 2016

Theater Residency in France : last steps of the creation of „SOEURS D’ARMES“ (Sisters in arms), a singular piece of musical performance and theatre. Through narration and song a young woman’s story is told in a theater piece for one singer and a cellist.

Premiere of „SOEURS D’ARMES“on Monday, 12th December 2016 in Sainte Hermine (Vendée, France), Collège de l’Anglée. More to read here.

19 September – 20 November 2016

Art Residency in Québec : during two months i’m gonna work in Alma (Canada) at the gallery Langage Plus creating a solo exhibition made of installations and performances.

Vernissage of „OBJET D’HIVER“on friday, 18th November 2016. More to read here.

The artistic residency program „Résidences croisées“ is a collaboration between CEAAC – Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines (Strasbourg) and Centre Sagamie – Centre national de recherche et diffusion en arts contemporains numériques (Alma).

July 2016

Performing „The elderly“ in Berlin : on Tuesday the 5th of July at the gallery R. – Raum für drastische Maßnahmen during the exhibit of Anaïs Edely. „THE ELDERLY“ is a performance about old ladies, the act of taking care and the fear of being forgotten. Served with an old love song with half of the lyrics missing and some cherry liquor. See „Les passantes“ on this website.

It’s always a very peculiar experience to re-play a performance many years after. Since i’m working about grandmas and the aging topic again lately, i took the opportunity to re-perform this 20 min piece of singing art-performance in Berlin.

June 2016

Film edit in Paris :  my last short documentary „PORTEZ VOUS BIEN“ (working title) about one acrobat and four grandmas in Paris’s district La Courneuve is currently getting edited together with Antoine Dubois.

More about the filming of the „Grandma’s project“ with acrobat Alexandre Fray to read here and soon on vimeo !

16th-17th of June 2016

Dokville panel in Ludwigsburg:  I will speak at the Dokville Congress – the documentary industry-get-together – about transmedia in Germany, in the name of the Netzdoku network. Together with colleagues of Transmedia Mittel Deutschland and Transmedia Bayern, we will also present our Position paper with 8 political statements about what we expect to change in the transmedia & documentary industry.

May 2016

Theater laboratory in Québec, Canada :  first chapter of researches for the new theater piece : Un opéra de papier (a paper opera) by Le Fil rouge théâtre. How to speak about death and loss to children and elderly persons at the same time ? What are the rituals, the music, the special gestures that goes with ?

During the lab residency, i will film several encounters between the artists and the audiences (children and old people), record elderly women singing lament and loss songs at home and get on stage for some experimentation with wrapping papers. Together with visual artist Sarah Booth. More to read here.

From the 3th till the 11th at Théâtre Périscope & Les Gros Becs, Québec (CA). 

24th. march 2016

26 Netzdoku-Checkpoint in Berlin: War photographer and MIT member Karim Ben Khelifa comes to our Berlin Netzdoku Meetup to present the VR project : „The Enemy“. In his virtual reality experience the viewer is immersed in a gallery, moving between an Israeli and a Palestinian soldier.

Since i had the chance to experience his prototype last year i get very impressed by the all project, as it also raised a lot of questions and thoughts about the impact of the user experience. Especially as a woman : standing between two soldiers starring at me in a closed room was not an insignificant experience. So the meeting offers a possibility to share different user’s personal experiences and to get some answers directly by the author.

Here an interesting read about the user’s experience in VR project.

November 2015 – January 2016

Filming of „The grandmas’s project“ in Paris : Following acrobat Alexandre Fray visiting grandmas at home for a very atypical and touching project in Paris’s suburb La Courneuve. Since this work of his company „Un loup pour l’homme“ seems to cross quite perfectly both of my filming and performing topics about old women at home and french suburbs, I felt just at the right place to film here. Discovering more about a new theater genre („Nouveau Cirque“) and being amazed every time about how acrobats can express their own humanity were also part of the experience. More about the film and about the circus company.

October 2015

DOK Hackathon in Leipzig : run together with my Netzdoku colleague Frédéric Dubois, the Dok hackathon was a 3-days workshop in which documentary meets animation and technology in order to develop interactive projects with non-fiction character and strong artistic touch.

A collaboration between DOK Leipzig, the Interactive Media Foundation and Netzdoku team, taking place during the DOK Leipzig festival. Six international teams made up of storytellers, technologists, animators, graphic and web designers worked on interactive and immersive stories. The result of their imagination: freshly crafted prototypes of inspiring audio-visual narratives.

More to see and experience here :