Film & Scenario
Mathilde Benignus, Benignus,
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La visite de l’acrobate / The acrobat’s visit

Durant deux mois j’ai accompagné puis filmé le travail singulier de l'acrobate Alexandre Fray à La Courneuve, banlieue nord de Paris. Nous avions rendez-vous avec une dizaine de dames de plus de 75 ans qui nous reçurent chacune chez elles pour un porté particulier. Une

ARTE / ZDF documentaries

Since 2011 I've been working on several documentary projects for the Gruppe 5 film production, based in Cologne. First as an assistant director and then since 2015 as a scenario writer with directors and producers Christel Fomm and Martin Carazo Mendez. The last production I worked on is a ten episodes documentary about the

Courage time six

Courage time six is a video installation made of 6 videos of 6 foreigners reinterpreting 6 pieces of "German culture": from The Ballad of Mack the Knife to Deutschlandfunk radio's traffic report. Culture is often taken for granted as the usual backdrop, but for foreigners like myself

Beyond the woods / Par delà la forêt

[EN] BEYOND THE WOODS A girl is returning home to her mother.She questions the silence about her grandmother.Coming back into this kitchen, crossing these woods, the girl retrieves her link with a story that hasn’t been told. [FR] PAR DELA LA FORET La fille revient voir la mère.La fille se

At home / Chez elles

A short film about old ladies who refuse to go to a retirement home and decide to stay at home. --- Written and filmed in Brussels by Mathilde Benignus and edited by Aurélien Thomson at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD - Belgium).