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The Netzdoku network

Since I arrived in Berlin in early 2013 I've been highly interested in the cross-media documentary scene. I first wrote articles about it and I soon joined the Netzdoku network in order to run the monthly meet ups with Frédéric Dubois and organize DOK-Hackathons. About Netzdoku

Lili Marlene

Singing apparition in the role of Lale Andersen's Lili Marlene (1939) by the ARTE documentary Beloved Enemy - The history of French-German relations.  Directors: Christel Fomm and Martin Carazo-Mendes for Gruppe 5 Filmproduction (Cologne). --- More on ARTE Chanel.

ARTE / ZDF documentaries

Since 2011 I've been working on several documentary projects for the Gruppe 5 film production, based in Cologne. First as an assistant director and then since 2015 as a scenario writer with directors and producers Christel Fomm and Martin Carazo Mendez. The last production I worked on is a ten episodes documentary about the

(Y)our little book of fears workshop

The workshops “(Y)our Little Book of Fears” aims to offer spaces for joint reflections on the many shapes that medial and societal fears are projected in. They have been developed since early 2015 by visual designer and thinker Caram Kapp, theater specialist Martha Bouziouri, documentary

Webdoc Dütti-Doku

A web documentary about one of Berlin's most hidden suburb: the Düttmann Siedlung. The Dütti-Doku project is the result of a three months radio workshop made with the inhabitants themselves. Along with radio journalists and web developers, they learned to record and edit interviews, do some field

Home birth – a radio report

(EN) This radio report introduces us to a young German couple living in Berlin that have made the bold decision to give birth at home. As both a personal and political statement, we learn how the issue came into question, the thinking that went into

Courage time six

Courage time six is a video installation made of 6 videos of 6 foreigners reinterpreting 6 pieces of "German culture": from The Ballad of Mack the Knife to Deutschlandfunk radio's traffic report. Culture is often taken for granted as the usual backdrop, but for foreigners like myself

Madame rêve

LES FEMMES EN MOI Le temps d’une soirée, faire ressurgir celles qui ont fait de moi une femme. Je reviens en arrière, je relis mes fondamentaux et puis : « On ne naît pas femme, on le devient ». Oui mais laquelle ?En prenant le parti de dire : "en moi

Les passantes / The elderly

« Les passantes » est une performance documentaire qui réactive le souvenirs de six femmes âgées, résidentes d’une maison de retraite. Symbolisées par des figurines sculptées, elles portent en elles les traces d’entrave physique ou psychologique, d’une béquille humaine ou d’un traitement médicamenteux. Ces «

Et combien de clous ?

A performance about grandparents' portraits taken as both side of the same story. About the difficulty of transmission and the weight of familial history. A story of nails refusing to hang properly on the wall. And an old Bulgarian song, both sweet and violent, as the remembrance's trigger. --- Presented at the gallery Apollonia